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XtraGrass is a proven solution for a wide variety of sports applications, with successful installations around the world. The durability and versatility of XtraGrass makes it an excellent choice for soccer and football fields, baseball and softball fields, as well as along heavy wear areas on golf courses.

XtraGrass is a natural grass turf reinforced with artificial fibers to give a winning formula of great natural grass play-ability and a surface that is much more resistant to wear. Developed and refined over the last 10 years, XtraGrass is a unique and patented turf reinforcement system which provides the flexibility to adapt to the unique differences that exist at every location. Hybrid turf is the perfect solution for clubs that find it difficult to maintain a natural grass field but do not want, or are not permitted, to play on a 100% artificial turf field.

The XtraGrass hybrid turf system can be easily installed on site, requiring only standard field installation equipment and utilizing a high proportion of local labor. It typically takes the same length of time to install as a standard turf grass field.  However, for those in a hurry, XtraGrass is also grown offsite and can be playable within days of installation. This has enormous advantages for clients who need to partially or completely re-turf their fields mid season.

Football Fields

Football is the most widely played and most popular sport in the world. It is an emotional sport which people love and enjoy throughout their lives.

A great game of football can be a thrilling experience made even better by a great playing surface.

Football fields are subject to intense wear from practices to game day. Wear-resistant XtraGrass is uniquely capable of withstanding the rigors you demand of a football field.

Safer for players than full synthetic fields, and more resistant to divots than completely natural turf fields, XtraGrass is the superior choice, whether as a total field replacement or along sidelines and between the hash mark.

Our desire for players to have the best possible experience fuels our innovative mind-set and drives us to challenge the boundaries of quality, sustainability and performance in football turf technology.

XtraGrass is proud to play a role in helping to improve the football experience for people around the world.

Baseball & Softball Fields

Ball fields, particularly in the outfield, often show wear and divots from defensive play. XtraGrass can help ensure a safe and aesthetically pleasing playing surface for both baseball and softball.

The playing field surface for teams in the MLB (Major League Baseball) is unregulated. Professional baseball and softball teams therefore have the choice of natural grass or artificial turf in their stadiums. Several teams in the MLB have played on artificial turf for over ten years and continue to do so.

Surface variations of the baseball field can have a significant effect on ball behavior, fielding and base running. In the 1980’s many baseball teams replaced their artificial turf playing surfaces with natural grass due to complaints in these areas.

In the present day, many professional players testify that new third generation artificial turf performs just like natural grass. These technological advances in addition to benefits of easier maintenance, better drainage and the possibility of multi-purpose sports fields now make XtraGrass an appealing prospect.

Give your baseball or softball team a superior home advantage with XtraGrass sports turf systems.


From ball bounce and speed to the feel of natural turf, XtraGrass is fast becoming the turf solution of choice for soccer fields across the globe. Based on extensive testing and the experience of both amateur and professional installations, an XtraGrass field conforms to FIFA “1 Star” standards.

Whether as a full field installation, or in the areas of heaviest wear (typically the center of the field, particularly goal mouths), XtraGrass will add to the available playing time and the overall life of your field.


The areas along cart paths and greens are frequently worn from cart traffic. XtraGrass provides a hearty and attractive turf solution for courses that seek to avoid worn, bare dirt and mud.


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